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Executive Suites

1354 N. Laura St.
Jacksonville, FL 32206

Square Feet: 135 sq.ft
Unit: Office Space
Available: Available Immediately
Description: Renovated in 2005 from a windowless warehouse, the Meeks building now looks more historic than ever before. The exterior and entrance is Klutho-inspired Prairie Style complete with Stickley furniture. The office itself is a Class A building providing a full kitchen, open work area, 2 conference rooms and one large conference room. All offices include furniture and built in shelving for your convenience. Located in Historic Springfield. Parking is free and abundant and you're only a few minutes from Downtown, 4 bridges, two hospitals and other urban communities. Please visit for more information on individual suites. Offices are approximately 135 SF.

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Reasons to Move Your Professional Office to Historic Springfield:
  • The courthouse is so close you can walk. Avoid traffic problems and even fit in a little exercise at the same time.
  • There’s plenty of free parking. You won’t see any meters or parking garages around here – just free parking on every street.
  • You can save on your taxes. This area has been designated as an Enterprise Zone. You can receive tax credits for any employees of your business who live and work here.
  • Traffic jams are just a bad memory. It’s rare to find traffic snarls in our area. So, you won’t have to eat breakfast in the car while trying to make it to work on time.
  • The neighborhood creates a warm, welcoming community feel. We know our mail carrier’s name and what little league team the courier’s daughter plays for.
  • You can avoid the lunch rush. Historic Springfield’s restaurants are still a well-kept secret (for the most part) so you won’t have to wait in long lines when you’re hungry especially if you only take an hour for lunch. You can even walk to many local restaurants in the neighborhood, on Main Street, Downtown, or at The Landing.
  • We have our own network. You can confer with other professionals right here in our building. We have attorneys with law firms that range from criminal and personal injury to property and family law. We have financial and insurance specialists, consultants and counselors.

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